World Record: ISRO Planning To Launch 104 Satellites with a Single Rocket PSLV-C37 In Mid February

The Indian Space Research Organisation planning to launch 104 Satellites on a single rocket. PSLV C-37 launch date is yet declared 15 February. PSLV C-37 have 104 satellites on board. 101 Satellites from foriegn countries.  It is world  no other country has achieved yet. PSLV C-37  launching in space port from Satish Dhawan Space Center at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

In these satellitets they have three indian satellites. Even in payload mass and mission duration, the PSLV C-37 mission will not be a unique one, said Sivan. The total payload mass is about 1,350 kg, which is well within the capability of the PSLV. As for duration, ISRO’s record would still stand with the September 2016 PSLV C-35 mission which put satellites in two separate orbits.

The number of satellites is not the big thing here. The real complexity lies in deciding with precision the actual orientation, angle and time interval of separation of the satellites. None of the satellites should collide with each other during separation in orbit,’’ K Sivan, director, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, the nodal agency for ISRO’s launch vehicles.

The 101 satellites belong to foreign counties like  Israel, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the US. reamining 3 indian satellites are Cartosat-2 , INS-IA and INS-1B. so a part from india so many countries will benfit through this project. so we proud to be an indian. comment below your wishes for this project.

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