World Mental Health Day: Tips For Handle Depression And Anxiety

Mental health problem it is hard to determine our own mental and emotional threshold. Mental health problem is a disease that influences the way people think, feel and behave, how to react. The most common Mental health disorders are depression, suddenly changing mood, confuse thinking, tiredness and lower energy, environmental stress, work stress and final genetic stress also the cause of mental illness.

“World Mental Health Day is the annual global celebration of mental health education, awareness and advocacy.”

World Mental Health Day 2016 looked at the theme of Dignity in Mental Health

Today we are seeing everyone doing action, internally they thinking something but they showing outside with smiling face, it is also come under mental illness. DO what u think in mind and heart than your Health will be good.
Today youngsters age between 19 to 25 trying to be a superstars and superwomen but you are suffering from anxiety and depression due to academics, for better job, competing with the society, relation ship problems. Today youth want everything instantly without being patient, it leads  depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, eating disorder, alcoholism, mood swings, self harming and even suicide attempts. So first tip im giving to everybody be patience first, it will solve everything fine.

Tips to Be Better:

Physical activity can trigger brain chemicals that improve your mood, well being and stress levels.
Meditation it helps to develop inner peace. Doctors advice to take Yoga is better. It will gives positive mind and feeling comfort with stable mind.
Listen Music
listen Music, It works best to reconnect your mind, body and soul.  Get some well deserved sleep will you? Listen to some soothing music and fall asleep like there is no tomorrow. You can always wake up the next day and tackle the chores. Our brains require rest to recuperate and rewind.
When we believe in a higher order or power, research has shown that most of us relive a lot of stress in doing so. Prayers have had a telling effect on peoples mental health, positively.
This is another technique to steer your mind away from the routine. Getting yourself immersed or lost in stories is a beautiful way of relaxing your mind. If you read variety of books, especially Fiction and Science Fiction. Such narratives help you develop new ideas and broaden your thinking capacities too.
Make time for family and friends
It is good to spend time with family and friends, you feel relaxed and happy after meeting and talking to them. Share yours plus points and negative points with your loved ones.
Healthy eating
Avoid eating very sweet foods as they cause an initial sugar rush, followed by a sharp dip in blood sugar levels which can give you anxious feelings.  Eating smart, consuming food which will infuse ideal amounts of proteins, mineral and other essential ingredients helps to keep your body fit and healthy. This way, we can get the most of our energies to work at the optimum level.
Try to engage in activities which in your hobby list. Do what you love, Do what makes you Happy. Think positively which makes you better future. Try to spend every day with yourself at least 15 minutes. Check yourself take wise steps it will help to relieve your tensions.
Follow this tips it makes you happy life. i Thank you for staying with us mentally, I hope it will help to grow in peace and became more healthy than you already are.