World Heart Day: Take Care For Your Heart

Today we are seeing Heart diseases leading to deaths. These diseases are coming because of some factors like family history, age or gender. But we have chance to prevent our selves with healthy good lifestyle.
Eat healthy Diet: Diet it is very important in our life, because our health depends upon our food. so we include fruits and vegetables in tour daily life. Avoid fat in your diet.
Exercise: Exercise is must in your daily life because it keeps your physically and mentally strong. if you do exercise the it keeps you actively through out the day. it reduces health problems. you should walk everyday it regulates your blood pressure.
Proper sleep: Today we are running with the technology, everyone busy with the phones and unnecessary things. so we are not sleeping 7-8 hours everyday. it leads to lot of tensions in your mind because of sleep deprivation. so sleep early and wake up early in same times, which regulates your lifestyle.
Don’t Smoke: Cigarette smoking it is very harmful to your health, so please past is past leave it, if you want healthy heart than quiet smoking immediately. it leads to cancer please quiet.
Regular Health Checkups: The most important thing is check your health conditions regularly and you know your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, diabetes. if it is anything wrong than take care of it.