After Two Year”s Long Gap Ajith Strikes The Box office With His Most Anticipated Movie Vivegam. Most Suceesful Combo Ajith And Siva Teamed For The Third Time After There Most Suceesful Films Veeram And Vedhalam. Now This Combo Made An Costliest Action Based  Thriller Vivegam Movie. The Movie Promoted International Spy Thriller  Which is new To Kollywood Cinema. The Motion poster And Teaser Raise The Expectation And Hype To This Film. Will Thala Acheive This Hype? Will It Satisfy His Audience?




Ajith kumar


Vivek Oberoi

AKshara Hassan


Direction: Siva

Producers: Sathyajyothi Films

Music & BGM: Anirudh

D O P : Vetri



The Film Begins With Ajay kumar Alias AK (Ajith) , a Spy Agent Works For Counter Terrorism Agency Which is Setted in East Europe. AK is Devotee And Deep Love With His Wife (kajal Agarwal) Who Waits For their First Baby.

Aryan (Vivek oberoi),Mike (Serge Crozon), Rachael (Amila Terzimehic) and Shawn (Arav Chowdharry) Are The AK Besties And Work Together For Same Agency. The Agency Gave A Mission To Diffuse PLO Nuclear Bomb That Setted In New Delhi India With The Help Of Codes.

Natasha(Akshara Hassan), A Brilliant Hacker Who Having Codes To Launch PLO Man Made Weapon.A K Succesfully Track Down The Natasha IN 35 Hours And Get The Codes From Her. During The Mission AK Gets Betrayed From Him Best Buddies And This Un Expected Twist sets The Rage That Filled With Revenge.How AK fights back , takes revenge And How He Saves His Pregnant Wife From His Team Is The Remaining Predictable Story.




Thala Ajith Kumar One Man Army For Vivegam Movie. He Looks Stylish And He Pulled Of The MOvie With Terrific Action Sequence And Bangs With Some Massy Heroic Moments to Satisfy For His Devotee Films. He Lift up his Character With Determination And Hard Work.The Power Packed Dialogue That Delivers By Thala Gets Whistles From audience.

Vivek Oberoi Played Antogonist In This Movie. He Played His Character In a Appreciable Way. His Timing And Competing With Hero’s Mind Gives The Plenty Of Whistle Moments Especially In Second Half The Film .

Kajal Is Impactable In Limited Role And She Gave Some Good Moments In The Entire Movie. Akshara Hassan Acted In A Small And Crucial Role That Helps The Movie. This Is Her Debut in Tamil cinema And Gives Justice To Her Role. Karuna karan is a comic translator , Limited Laughs Given in First Half.

Direction Shiva, Presents The Movie With Highly Technical And Visual That The Tamil Audience Wouldn’t Watch Never Before In KollyWood Cinema. He Suceed As A Director By Shown In Ajith In Stylish Spy Agent, That Which Audience expecting from his Hero.A Few Narration Drops, Downs The Film In Some Part.But He Lifts Up The Movie With Great Action Sequence, Fast Paced Screenplay And Some Goosebumps Moments in Pre Climax .

Anirudh Gives catchable Tunes In The Movie, Especially BGM Is Major Highlights That Helps To Engage The Audience In Theatre. Stunning Visuals Given By Vetri And Feels The Audience Watching a Movie in Hollywood Standards. He Capture Some Of Good Shots In Action Part And Lavishly Presentes East Europe.


Director Shiva Who Delivers A Block buster movies to Ajith In Previous Years Is now Teaming Up For Vivegam. This time he Tooks A spy thriller And We already Known Shiva Film making Style With His Hyper Editing And Speeds Up The Movie In A Top Over Top Way.

The Plot Starts With Introduction Ajith With A Hyper Action Sequence To Satisfy The Fans Who Waits Eagerly For Their Hero. He Puts down The Some Of The Comical Scenes And Intro Of Kajal is Some What Bored, but Gives Some Good Shots On Sigh languages. Later On Movie Starts With A mission of diffusion PLO Bomb. The Pace of the Movie Gets Faster By Tracking Natsha For Getting Diffusion Codes.Action Sequence In This Tracking Episode And Finding Natsha Sequence Excite Audience And Gives Some Whistle podu moments. Especially to Finding Natsha Boyfriend , Ajith Enter In Gangster Area And The Action Scenes Are Highlighting Points And This gives Some Exciting Moments For Fans Of Thala. From The Natsha Track To Interval The Movie Runs Quite Speedy.

The Film really Takes Off in Second half With Some Cat And Mouse Play Between Ajith And Vivek Quite Engaging Factor For Audience. Specially mention, Tracking Vivek And Afraiding With Snipper bullet Shots Is Feast Scene for Fans And Saving kajal from Goons Gives Goosebumps. From Their Entire Movie Runs Fastly With Logical inputs And Diffusing Bomb And Climax Track Gives Some Whistle Podu Moments For Audience.

Impressing Factor In Second Half Is Ajith And vivek Analisation of their characters, plans, Ideas Quite Interesting.But Climax part is disappointment With Song That Runs In that track. Because Of this song climax looks in Comic way.

Visuals Are in International Standards , Using Of Gadgets Potrays The MOvie Like A HollyWood Film. This is Entirly New Attempt For South Cinema , Especially for Tamil Audience.


Vivegam Is A Worth Watch Action Spy Thriller Made With International Standards , Visuals And Technically New To Tamil And South Cinema. Feast for Thala Fans.