Take a big bow , malayalam industry that they made indian best film of 2017 movie “TAKE OFF”.Take off is not only a malayali spirit it is india’s spirit.Mahesh narayanan well known editor malayali cinema made debut as director.The story inspired from real life experience of indian nurses caught between iraqui government forces and ISIS, held in 2014 at tikrit.

Take off Movie STORY Plot:

The plot of the movie is life of Nurse Sameera (Parvathy menon) is a 31-year-old nurse who is being forced by her circumstances to take up a job in Iraq. She is a divorcee and has an eight-year-old son, but that’s not a problem at all for Shahid (Kunchacko Boban), her colleague, who is ready to accompany her to the troubled land.she accept to marry him entered in to iraq.After entering in to iraq much expected turns in a positive sense.

The film turns thriller in a second half which have a lot of family drama.the sequence run in second half held in mosul and tirkit, where nurses face the problems with militants and ISIS people.The attempts to survive and escape the militants offers moments of excitement, anxiety and emotional outbursts.Manoj(faahad faasil) who is officer in indian embbassy.how he helps the nurses to escape from ISIS people is the basic plot of the movie.

Take off Movie PERFORMANCES:

Parvathy menon who plays a role of sameera character steals the whole movie. she played the character with ease and gives soul to the character like sameera.faahad fasil who plays officer in indian embbassy gaves an excellent performance and made the story grippy in second half.he definitely wins national award in best supporting role category.kunchakon boban who plays sameera husband shaheed,given pretty good performances and carries the some emotion well in second half of the movie.asif ali did well in his role.remaining characters gives much support to the plot and does their roles pretty well.

Take off Movie TECHINICIANS:

Debutant director Mahesh Narayanan done a great job and made a decent entry to the film industry through this movie. The movie script and direction is well packed in such a way that the audience will never loose their patience and will engage throughout the movie till the end.Mahesh narayanan along with abilash bala chandran works as editors in this movie and editing part is top notch in this movie.

Gopi Sundar & Shaan Rahman composed very good musics for the movie. The movie also has an interesting BGM. Cinematographer Sanu John Vargehese’s camera catches the scenic Kerala and dusty, blood-stained middle east brilliantly and Thanks to Sanu John Varghese for such beautiful visuals.

Take off Movie VERDICT:

Take Off is an absolutly watchable movie and it shows  witness Mollywood’s greatest attempt with bold concepts. The movie is mixed with some real life events.

Lastly in my words,‘Take Off’ has taken off brilliantly and this is a must watch. Audience definitely can’t stop their applause and emotion when Fahadh Fassil declares, ‘Takes Off Confirmed’!.