Sony Xperia Eye includes Artificial Intelligence

Sony Xperia Eye includes Artificial Intelligence

Sony is more focusing on its Xperia Eye that may throw ‘lifelogging’  into lime light. Lifelogging is the process of using technology to track personal data generated by our own behavioral activities. It records health and fitness metrics. Lifelogging added beauty by providing cameras that takes this concept a step ahead.

These cameras records our lifetime movements. we have to operate them manually, like turning it ON whenever you are in need with it. For example if you have a sudden birthday surprise you can just press it and enjoy.
Sony R&D labs are one step ahead of this, by adding Artificial Intelligence to this, It automatically starts recording if it hears a person’s voice or face. This automation excelled with artificial intelligence can make a revolution in the future market as everyone loves to capture their life movements. Users start wearing the technology soon.