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The Easter is the day because of Jesus Christ rising from the dead,so we are all celebrate.His life given to die for our sins after that the third day he had risen from the we now celebrating as Easter Sunday.Before raise an angel came and told to his friends he has been risen from the dead,just what Jesus is said that would be happens.our Jesus is the son of god,don’t be afraid he definitely has been raise. before Easter two days back buried in tomb guarded by an enormous stone.when some day one women and his friends revisited they noticed that huge stone had been moved and tomb was empty,then they released what the Jesus said come true.Jesus had arisen from the the Easter is a great celebration  time for Christians.

so that churches all decorated with in traditional way.
The spirit of Easter
is all about Hope,
Love and Joy full Living
Happy Easter..

May this year’s Easter bring your hope and joy,
Happy Easter 2017.

For best friend
“The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beginning of nature spring,
and brand new life of friendship,
Happy Easter to My Best Friend.”

May you feel the joy of the presence of Jesus,
The Lord has risen to bless us this Easter,
And I pray that the love of God is resurrected,
The Lord has risen to bless us this Easter,
reborn and renewed in your heart,
Happy Easter 2017.

Wishing you a Very “Happy Easter”
With Lover And Best Wishes..
May That Easter Day Brings
Lots of Happiness And Joys in your Life.
May you Live Long Life…
And That Easter day will comes in your life Hundred Times…
Remember me in your prayers.

Missing you a lot on this Easter,
Wishing you were here to celebrate,
this holy occasion with me,
Happy Easter 2017.

The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beginning of nature spring
and brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

The Lord came to earth
with a life to give,
so each one of us
may continue to live.
Happy Easter!

May Lord bless you on
this auspicious day of Easter,
and May it be a new beginning
of greater prosperity,
success and happiness.
Wish you a Happy Easter!

The growing trees, the new flowers
And birds that sweetly sing
Whisper to me that it’s Easter
Here is wishing warmth for your soul
On Easter and always!
Happy Easter

The message of Easter is a message of celebration;
a celebration of the ultimate triumph of hope and love.

Songs of Easter ringing clear,
Telling of the Savior Dear
Once He died on Calvary’s tree
Then arose 4 you and me. Jesus is risen, Jesus is risen, Jesus is risen,
He rose for you and me.

Let this joy of Easter fill up your heart,
Today & the whole year ahead.
May u live a long life and
May Easter come in your life 100 times.
Happy Easter!

Alleluia, it’s Easter time!
Jesus rose from the dead.
This salvation is for you.
Wish the best for you.
GOD loves YOU!

May the angels protect u…
May the sadness forget u…
May goodness surround u…
And may God always bless u…
Happy Easter!!!

Easter is a promise
God renews to us in each spring.
May the promise of Easter
Fill your heart with peace and joy!
Happy Easter!

Easter says
You can put
Truth in a grave,
But it won’t stay there.

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled,
with peace, joy and cheer,
Happy Easter 2017.

Greetings For Easter
Bunny rabbits wiggle,
So much they make me giggle.
They wiggle their ears,
They wiggle their nose,
The tail on their rear,
Wiggles too, I suppose.
And just when I say “Stop wiggling, stop!”
They wiggle all over, and take a big hop!

Easter is a time of reflection and joy.
When we emerge from our cocoon
of doubt to fly freely
on the wings of faith.
May you be renewed and strengthened…
…in the promise of our Lord.

Glorious Easter!
Only God could have created
all the loveliness of spring.
Made the bough to bud and blossom.
Taught the robin how to sing.
Only God could have remembered,
Through the winter, cold and gray,
How to renew the earth with beauty
And give us this Easter Day.
Wishing you a Blessed Easter Season!

May the spirit of hope that Easter brings,
Help you find contentment in little things,
And restore your faith in the Lord above,
Who gave His life for the ones He loves.
A Very Happy Easter!

There is magic all around us,
You can feel it in the air,
For the lovely signs of springtime
are unfolding everywhere.
It’s a time of fulfilled promise,
It’s a time of hope and cheer,
Joyful time of resurrection
Blessed Easter time.
Wishing You a Beautiful Easter!

When all creation is putting on its Sunday best
and celebrating the joys of spring,
I hope Easter finds you at your finest
and enjoying the abundance of the season.

As winter gives way to spring,
I am blessed to have you in my life.
I am thankful that
I can celebrate the rebirth of nature
and the triumph of this holiday
with one who means so much to me.

Wishing you the best during Easter —
the season of our greatest hope,
the celebration of our risen Savior!

You, my friend, are one
great reason to celebrate
this Easter season.
Wishing you an Easter that’s
as special as can be.

You’re a springtime kind of person,
and there’s sunshine in your smile.
There’s warmth in all the gladness you impart.
And here’s the special reason
you’re so like this lovely season–
It’s the springtime that you keep within your heart.
Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

As spring comes to the world,
bringing sunshine and gladness…
this comes to you
bringing wishes for joy.
Happy Easter!

Like gentle spring breezes…
Thoughts of you at Easter
bring a special kind
of happiness to my heart.
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter 2017 Amazing Images