Practice Ho’oponopono in 4 steps

Ho’oponopono is effective technique for healing. It brings positivity into the life

We all suffer from different problems and one of the major one is the past affecting our present and future. The interesting fact is that the problem never existed out side us. All the problems and Solutions lie with in us. It is our brain that defines problems and perceives them as problems. If we can train our brain to manipulate with certain feelings and emotions, it works like a magic.
Ho’oponopono is a technique which you can do it yourself All you need to do is to say few words in mind. All it takes is 4 simple steps.

Ho’oponopono consists of four phrases: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” 

By chanting the four statements above, one is basically cleansing/purging oneself of all the negative memories, thoughts and feelings that have triggered the so called ‘negative’ situation. Chant each statement for 5-10 min at the beginning and it can be increased gradually

Step 1: Repentance – I’M SORRY

Be sorry for any and everyone who might have suffered because of you. Let go of the feeling of guilt or any negative feeling from your mind into the universe and this makes you feel better.

Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – PLEASE FORGIVE ME

It doesn’t matter who it is, just ask for Forgiveness. Do it again and again and mean it.

Step 3: Gratitude – THANK YOU

Be Thankful for every thing you have. Thank everyone in your life and Thank the Universe and Divine.

Step 4: Love – I LOVE YOU

Love unconditionally. Love your friends, parents, and everyone you know. Love yourself, Love the air around you, the environment and every thing around you.

Believe in this simple technique and if done properly this can bring an amazing change in your life.