L I E Telugu Movie Review: Bearable Love ,Passable Intelligence , Stupid Enimity


Here Is LIE telugu Movie Review:

After A Huge Success Of His Previous Movie A Aa Directed By Trivikram, Nithin Took A Long Time To Made An Another Movie. Finally Nithin Colebrate With Hanu Ragavapudi Who Earned Good Name For His Previous Movies.To Retain His Market And Stardom , Nithin Is Now Comeback With High Budget Action Entertainment Movie Called L I E(Love Intelligence Enimity). After Releasing The Trailer On YouTube, Audience Got Attention This Combo. Action King Arjun Played Antogonist, Mega Akash Introduced As Female Lead, Ravikishan CIA Agent.14 Reels Entertainment Produce This High Budget Film. Will It Gain Expectations Of Audience? Lets See The Review


Director : Hanu Raghavapudi

Producers : Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara

Music Director : Mani Sharma

DOP: Yuvraj

Editing: S R Sekhar

Starring : Nithiin, Megha Akash, Arjun Sarja,Ravi Kisan,Sree Ram, Suresh


lie telugu movie


LIE telugu Movie Story:

National Investigation Agency N I A Trying to Find Under World Criminal For Many years.The Agency’s Headed By a Commissioner (Ravi Kishan). He Comes To Know That The Criminal Padmanabham (Arjun) is Now Residing in Las Vegas. He is Expecting a Speciaaly Stitched Suit That Delivered From Hyderabad.

A Sathyam (Nithiin) Is Introduced As a Good-for-nothing guy But Later It Is revealed That He is Leading a Secret Operation called ‘Sholay’, by the NIA, which is to be carried out With The Help Of Another N I A Agent (Sree Ram) in Las Vegas. On The Other Hand Chaitra (Megha Akash) Who ,Invest Money In Visa Agency And Ready To Marry A person To Fullfill Her Dreams ,But Sadly The Marriage Will Called Off . She Learns The She Cannot Redeemed Her Travel Money, So She Agrees To Share The Travel With A Sathya,(Nithin) Heading To Los Vegas.

At The Same Time, Padmanabham comes to know that NIA Has Sent Two Officers US to Nab him.Why is Padmanabham Losing  the suitcase and a Painting That Is Supposed To Reach Him From Hyderabad? How Sathyam succeeds in reaching out to Padmanabham using His Intelligence is What Forms the Secret of ‘LIE’.Who Are The Officers and how A Sathyam is connected to this whole NIA mission? Is The Remainin Story.

LIE Telugu Movie Performances:

In Terms Of Make Over And Stylish Screen Presence ,Nithin Impressed The Audience To Some Extent. But The Acting Skills Didn’t Improved Till Now. He Didn’t Fit The Role In Some Parts. He Can’t Managed Well His Characterization Specially This Lackness Clearly Seen In Pre Interval Part Of This Movie. He Didn’t Shown Performances In Twist Reveling Episodes This is Because Of His Failure In Skill Timing.Over All He Just Concentrated On MakeOver And Done Justice For It Only. He Didn’t Execute His Experience And Mature Acting Till End Of The Movie.

Megha Akash Who Introduced As A Lead Character In This Movie Performaned Good In Bubbly Characterisation But She Cannot Handle Till The End Because Of Poorly Designed Characterisation.

Main Saviour Of The Entire Movie Is Action King Arjun. After His Successful 150th Movie Nibunan, He Comes up With Strong Antogonist Characterisation Named Padmanabhan Who Knows Magician ,Mimicry Artist, Rope Tricking etc. The Character Design Is Excellent But Failed In Execution, But Arjun Puts His Experience To Stand The Characterisation With His Tremendous Acting Skills.He Even Dominates All The Actors And Made The Movie Worth To Watch. Hanu Didn’t Give Much To Scope to Him. But With In The Limited Scenes Arjun Gives Terrific Variations In Whole Character.

Ravi kisan, Nasser, Sree Ram Played Well IN Their Given Characterisations.


Lie Telugu Movie



LIE Telugu Movie Techincal Excellence:


Film has high standard technical and production values. Cinematography Done By Yuvraj is topnotch. The story is mainly set in various cities in USA and the cameraman has captured the scenes and action episodes in Hollywood style. Production values are superior.

Music by Mani Sharma is The Another Biggest Saviour Of The MOvie. He Gives a terrific BGM score ESpecially in Second Half He Scores Outstand BGM. Song Are Excellent But Exection Of This Songs Are Biggest Disappointement.

Editing Is Crispy Not Much Connected In Second Half Action stunts are good. Dialogues written by the director are okay.

LIE Telugu Movie Final Verdict:

Worth Watch Only For Action King Arjun And Mani Sharma BGM …Remaining MOvie BLAH BLAH BLAH…………..