Khaidi no.150 review:boss is back and spoils the emotional content

Almost decade mega star chiranjeevi returns to the tollywood with khaidi no.150, a remake of the kollywood blockbuster movie kaththi,starrer ilayadhalapathy vijay. khaidi no:150 is the most anticipated  and awaited films for mega fans because it is chiru 150th film.the buzz is created in audience with high promotions and pre release events.

Banner: Konidela Production Company

Cast: Chiranjeevi, Kajal Agarwal, Tarun Arora, Ali, Brahmanandam, Posani, Prudhvi and others

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Dialogues: Parachuri Brothers, Vema Reddy

Cinematography: Ratnavelu

Editing: Gowtham Raju

Producer: Ram Charan

Direction: V V Vinayak

Does this movie reaches audience expectation?lets see the review.

Khaidi no 150 Story:

Kaththi Seenu (Chiranjeevi) escapes from a Kolkata prison and decides to go to Bangkok. He soon meets Lakshmi (Kajal Agarwal) at the airport and falls in love with her. He then changes his plan and stays with his friend (Ali). While going out one day, they encounter a shootout and Seenu rushes to the spot. He then finds out that a driver who looks just like him, is in a critical condition. He rushes him to  the hospital and decides to take on his identity, so that he can escape from the police.

On the other hand,farmers of a neeruru village in Anantpur district are fighting a corporate company that is trying to grab their lands believed to contain untapped water. Supporting them in their struggle is Shankar (Chiranjeevi) an idealist, who along with a few villagers, comes to Hyderabad to bring the issue of the struggle to the notice of the media and the judiciary.

Knowing the neeruru struggles on corporate company he realizes who Shankar really is and the noble cause for which he had been fighting.  Kaththi Seenu now takes up the war to bring justice to the farmers.does kathithi seenu reaches shankers goal? how he fight on corporate company? rest of the story is.

Khaidi no 150  Artist performances:

 Mega star chiranjeevi come back with his grace full performance.In flash back episode the performance of chiranjeevi is impressive with his emotion.only screen presence helped to pull the audience.

Tarun arora is not up to the mark and villainism not elevated much as original movie.kajal is just for glamour performance.Bramhanandam comedy is hard to watch and he is not at all necessary for the movie.remaining actors given performance is just ok.

Khaidi no 150 Techincal aspects:

Producer Ram Charan has provided best technicians to his dad’s comeback movie.most popular cinematographer Ratnavelu ropes for the cinematography and the visual part of the movie good and captured well in flash back episodes. Art director thota tharani work is good.

production value is good.Dsp music and Back ground is not upto the mark.Dance and fights are some what fitted for chiru.

Khaidi no 150 Highlights:



Khaidi no 150 Draw backs:

story narration

weak direction

dsp background score

second half


Khaidi no 150 Analysis:

Director murugadoss who is director of kaththi narrates the story with different pace of screenplay and cast vijay as a lead and gets huge block buster in tamil language and make good records in vijay’s career.

For the come back movie , chiranjeevi selected this script and made some changes for telugu nativity.director vinayak selected for this remake,because he already made ramana tamil movie as tagore scripted by murugudoss and made it as huge hit in boxoffice.

But this time vinayak fails remaking kaththi and made it as a just commericial formulic entertainer by loosing emotional content in this movie.first half of the movie goes well in chiru aspects.but in second half he totally leave the emotional content and made it as a regular commericial flick to satisfy fans.

Biggest flaw is adding bramahanandam in the movie and it will effect entire second half and comedy spoils the subject of the movie.massive moments especially coin fight and pre climax dialogue and climax not materialised well and this loose whole emotional content.we dont know why he used bramhi in coin fight.he effects this massive fight episode and spoils the massive moments.dialogue episode and last fight is not written well and captured well.he leaves all massive moments in second half, villain warning scene,pipeline scene etc.,only flash back made well.On whole the movie changed as old vinayak and fails showing basic plot.

Khaidi no 150 Bottom line: 

If your mega fan watch it for chiranjeevi. if your telugu audience watch it as just come back for chiru. if your hardcore emotional movie lover and already watched in tamil version leave this movie. it won’t satisfy you.