Kapu Welfare and Development corporation

Kapu Welfare and Development corporation lmt

kapu corporation

Andhra Pradesh State government has started Kapu Welfare and Development corporation Ltd for the welfare and betterment of kapus in Andhra Pradesh.

The scheme has been a super success and is initiated for the welfare and betterment of kapus. The students registered in the website can undertake several trainings and courses for free of cost. Certain low income sector can get scholarships too.

The registration has to be done by visiting the official website: Kapucorp


The following schemes are available:

1)Swayam Upadhi Scheme

2)Student Scholarship Programme

3) Group MSME Programme

4) Skill Development Scheme

5) Videshi Vidya Deevena Scheme

6) Setting up of Kapu Bhavans

7) Vidyonnati Scheme

8) Kapu Welfare Endowment Fund Scheme


  1. Education

Education is high priority, Provide financial assistance like scholarships, Coaching for Competitive examinations and Skill development training’s to Kapu Youth pursuing higher education.

2. Community Care And Endowment Fund:

Setting up of Kapu Bhawans for multipurpose usage and Hostels at District Headquarters and important towns and encouraging benevolent individuals from across the globe for contributing towards the upliftment of Kapu community.

3. Self Employment And Entrepreneurship:

To encourage economically weak Kapu entrepreneurs to setup or expand/diversify enterprises and to encourage Kapu entrepreneurs to form groups and setup MSME units as a source of livelihood

You can directly enter your details and register by clicking the following link: Kapu Corp