India Open Series 2017: PV Sindhu beats Sung Ji Hyun

PV Sindhu beats Sung Ji Hyun in semi final. India Open 2017 final with Carolina Marin. Pv Sindhu repeat the Rio Games in semi final with Sung Ji Hyun. Now sindhu is world no 5, in final she is clash with third ranked Carolina Marin of Spain on sunday.

In semi final Pv sindhu take the first game 21-18 but lost the second game 14-21 to Sung Ji Hyun of South Korea. The third game the Indian shuttler come back and win it 21-14 to book her place in the final of the India Open Series 2017.

Highlights of PV Sindhu vs Sung Ji Hyun India Open 2017 Semi-Final Here:

18:47 IST: Thanks for joining in as we look forward to your company on Sundaty for the India Open final

18:46 IST: Sindhu will now face Carolina Marin in the final on Sunday.

18:46 IST: That is it. Sindhu books her place in the final. Wins the third game 21-14.

18:43 IST: Match point opportunity for Sindhu.

18:42 IST: Sindhu steals another point. Now just three points away from booking a place in the final.

18:41 IST: It is long that gives Sindhu a six-point lead over Sung Ji Hyun

18:39 IST: Sindhu extends her lead to 16-11.

18:37 IST: Sliced angled smash does the trick for Sindhu. After losing three consecutive points, she gets one back.

18:34 IST: Sung Ji Hyun is fighting back strongly. She is just three points away from drawing level with Sindhu.

18:33 IST: Good comeback from Sung Ji Hyun. She has taken the last three points. Sindhu leads 11-7 in the decider.

18:30 IST: Sindhu extends her lead to 11-4 in the decider.

18:29 IST: Brilliant cross court play from Sindhu. She is looking good in the decider. Inching closer to clinch the third game.

18:28 IST: Hyun gets a point back. It is 4-8 in Sindhu’s favour at the moment.

18:26 IST: Great presence of mind from Sindhu. Caught Hyun off guard there. Sindhu now leads by six points.

18:25 IST: That’s wide and Sindhu leading 6-2.

18:24 IST: Another unforced error from the South Korean. Gives away a point.

18:23 IST: Hyun gets her first point in the third game.

18:22 IST: Sindhu leading 4-0 in the decider.

18:22 IST: Sindhu off to a good start in the decider. Gets the first two points of the game.

18: 19 IST: Sung Ji Hyun takes the second game 21-14. It is game a piece at the moment as we head into the decider.

18:18 IST: The South Korean just a point away to draw level

18:16 IST: Sung Ji Hyun leads 18-13 in the second game.

18:15 IST: Sindhu slowly crawling back into the contest. Great smash to reduce the deficit to 3 points.

18:14 IST: Two back to back points for Sindhu. Sindhu still trails by 4 points.

18:12 IST: Great rally and Sindhu finishes with an excellent drop shot. Will this change the momentum in the second game? Only time will tell.

18: 08 IST: Five point deficit for Sindhu in the second game.

18:06 IST: South Korean Sung Ji Hyun lead 11-6 in the second game.

18:06 IST: A wayward smash from Sindhu and the South Korean gets the point.

18:04 IST: Sindhu comes back and takes the point. Still trailing 6-9 at the moment.

18:03 IST: So a turn of fortunes for the Indian. The South Korean has come back well to take the lead. Sindhu trailing 5-7 at the moment.

18:01 IST: Hyun couldn’t last the pace and gives Sindhu another point. Sindhu leading 5-2 at the moment.

18:00 IST: Sindhu goes for the smash and earns a point. Too good for Hyun at the moment.

17:58 IST: Hyun is making too many errors at the moment. Again gives away the lead. It is 2-1 in Sindhu’s favour at the moment.

17:56 IST: The second game is about to get underway. Hyun to serve

17:54 IST: Great smash from Sindhu. Takes the first game in 24 minutes

17:53 IST: That shot was too tight to the net. Another error from the South Korean. Sindhu just a point away from taking the first game.

17:52 IST: Sindhu just two points away from taking the opening game. Leading 19-16 at the moment.

17:47 IST: Great comeback from Sindhu. Controlled aggression from the Indian. Forced Sung Ji Hyun to make an error. Sindhu leading 17-14

17:42 IST: Hyun goes for the smash but way off target. It is 11-13 in favour of Sindhu.

17:42 IST: Sindhu leading 11-10 at the moment in the first game.

17:40 IST: Sindhu was trailing at the start but she has come back well. The Indian shuttler has taken the lead. It is 10-9 in Sindhu’s favour at the moment.

17:38 IST: Sindhu had also reached the semi-final of India Open in 2013. Her best performance in the tournament so far.

17:37 IST: Sindhu gets behind the shuttle from that round the head position and earns a point. She is getting back in the game. Two back to back points. It is 7-7 at the moment.

17:36 IST: Hyun to serve. Sindhu is still behind at the moment. Hyun leading 6-5.

17:35 IST: Sindhu uses her height to good effect and snatches a point. It is 6-4 at the moment with the Indian trailing by 2 points.

17:34 IST: Another error from Sindhu and Hyun goes 6-3 up in the first game.

17:33 IST: Hyun takes the lead again but Sindhu comes back and gets a point for herself. It is 3-3 at the moment.

17:32 IST: It is 2-2 at the moment. Hyun to serve.

17:32 IST: Hyun comes back and draws level.

17:30 IST: Sindhu draws first blood. Unforced error gives her the first point.

17:30 IST: We are all in readiness. Sung Ji Hyun to serve.

17:28 IST: PV Sindhu defeated Saina Nehwal 21-16, 22-20 in the quarter-final

17:26 IST: Marin, who is ranked World No.3 defeated Akane Yamaguchi of World No.2 (21-16, 21-14) in 40 minutes in the Siri Fort Sports Complex.

17:25 IST: The winner of the match face top seed Carolina Marin of Spain

17:22 IST: Hello and welcome to the semi-final of India Open between PV Sindhu of India and Sung Ji Hyun of South Korea.