How to Identify if you are in Depression

girl sits in depression on floor near the wall

Symptoms and Warnings of Depression:

Young man sitting looking upset

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity or apathy that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being.

Depression has always been a TABOO in India and it has been identified that majority who are suffering from it are not open for a discussion over it. In the list of the top diseases that affect corporate executives, depression (42%) ranks at the top, followed by obesity (23%), high blood pressure (9%) and diabetes (8%).

The following are the list of symptoms

  1. Feeling Helpless and Hopeless: Hope is the fuel that keep the man kind running and if you ever feel that nothing will get better in life, it means there is something absolutely going wrong. It is common that we all go through rough times and we feel down; But such feelings are temporary and we get the positivity and hope is restored very soon. If the feeling is for a prolonged time, then you could be in depression.
  2.  Losing interest in daily activities: You are no more interested in Hobbies, pastimes, workouts, social activities and even sex. You feel like being alone all time and joy and fun are no where in your life. 
  3. Change in Appetite and Weight: You experience a significant change in weight (more than 5% of body weight in a month). You dont have a constant appetite and your hunger changes constantly.
  4. Change in Sleep: Your sleep cycle is not constant. Over sleeping or insomnia can also be experienced.
  5. You feel Anger and Irritable: You feel restless, agitated and you lose your cool very soon. You can spot a significant drop in your tolerance level
  6. You feel low on Energy: You feel drained and exhausted all the time. Even simple physical tasks seem very difficult
  7. Self-loathing: You don’t love yourself anymore. You feel worthless and guilty. You criticize and blame yourself for everything that has happened in your life.
  8. Loss of Focus and Concentration: You cannot focus on anything you do and you are always disturbed by unwanted thoughts.
  9. Constant urge to go back in time and change the events: Despite knowing that past is past and cannot be changed, you keep wishing that you could change the past.

If you are having above symptoms, it is strongly recommended that you should visit a doctor or psychologist for an expert advise or treatment.

Depression is a common phase that may of us go through in our lives at one or the other time and we must realize that it helps us to get stronger in life. It has to be dealt in a proper way we must not feel ashamed of consulting an expert for advise or treatment.


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  2. Very well explained the phases of depression.

    We need to let go !Live each emotion that we feel.

    Let them come out; live them, suffer them. It will be difficult and tedious but immensely rewarding. Once you have lived them, suffered them and accepted them – Once they are lived consciously, without any repression, you will be surprised that they are disappearing on their own. Their force on you is becoming less; their grip on your neck is no longer that tight. And when they are going away there may be a time when you can start watching.