Google Co-founder Sergery Brin is secretly building the world’s largest airship

Sergery Brin co founded GOOGLE along with Larry Page, which is an tech giant today. Now, Sergery Brin is building a giant airship in the silicon valley. According to The Gaurdian Report this ship is funded entirely by himself. This airship is going to be nearly 200 meters long which could be nearly 660 feet. Though it is a huge airship, it’s still smaller than Hindenburg Zeppelins of the 1930’s  from the history .

It will be used for two purposes. Firstly, as a private luxury air yacht for Brin’s personal purpose, inter-continent travel for his friends and family. Secondly for humanitarian aid purposes, food can be supplied to remote locations.

What is an airship?

An airship is a powered lighter-than-air craft. Airship derives its lift from a lifting gas while it is propelled forward by an engine.    A lighter-than-air craft is any vehicle that flies because it is lighter than air. This includes  balloons and airships. Balloons can’t be used for services whereas airships can. Airships does not require any run way.

Airship works on the principle of Archimedes:  “Bodies submerged into a fluid receive from it a lifting force which is equal to the mass of the displaced fluid.”

The airship is filled with a lifting gas, usually the lifting gas can be Hydrogen, Helium, hot air or natural gas. The air in which the airship finds itself has a higher specific weight than the lifting gas. The envelope filled with the light gas generates a lift that is equal to the weight of the displaced air.

Sergery Brin has a long term fascination for airships, his interests and enthusiasm is pushing him to build such a huge project on airships. Igor Pasternak, an airship designer involved in the early stages of the project,  former NASA programs director Alan Weston is also involved in this project.

Airships have a problem with buoyancy pressure. If an airship is used for cargo purposes, after it unloads the heavy cargo, it needs to be loaded with similar weight in ballast to avoid flying skywards.  Brin is trying to solve this problem by using internal gas bladders to control its buoyancy. This helps him to offload cargo anywhere in the world which serves one of his purposes- for humanitarian purposes.

Sergery Brin planned to use Hydrogen as a lifting gas at initial stages, but currently they are using Helium as a lifting gas. Sergery Brin is pretty innovative and always forward looking. Airships could be a revolution for cargo  markets like INTERNET revolutionized communications.