my enemy is my strength

DHRUVA the much anticipated tamil remake THANI ORUVAN is releasing today…The mega fans eagerly waiting for DHURVA to wipe out all the recent records of Telugu film industry.will this movie break the records or not? lets see the review.


The story revolves around Dhruva ( Ram Charan) and Siddharth Abhimanyu ( Aravind Swami) where Siddharth After his graduation he returned to India and is now a well-established scientist. Siddarth uses the medical field for the wrong reasons and his own profit. Dhruva finds the detective mind of Siddharth Abhimanyu and tries to arrest him and Ishikha ( Rakul Preet Singh) romances Dhruva and helps him to achieve the goal. The cat and mouse game between Dhruva and Siddharth forms the rest of the story.


RAMCHARAN, one thing we have to appreciate him by taking brave decision to remake the block buster THANI ORUVAN  in telugu as DHRUVA..he tried his level to match up the performance of jayam ravi original hero in tamil version..but some how he fails in that way..he have to improve alot…7 years experience in acting.. but till he hadn’t give his best in this movie..he worked hard to appear as a IPS officer as getup wise n body wise..but acting wise he is till learner only…he does normally as before films what he shown to us..he did nt  owns the dhruva character as like jayam ravi owns the mithran role in THANI ORUVAN…Still i appreciate ram charans best attempt..

ARAVINDA SWAMY,no words to say about him.he played the negative role that he essayed in the original and he has done justice to it. His performance is one of the highlights of the film.he maximum matches the original version..

RAKUL,did well in her limited and others did well in there roles


we have to appreciate SURENDER REDDY…..he brings out a confident, faithful remake that doesn’t over-indulge its intelligent characters.he tries some additions in story that really helps the film.. specially 8 point concept…and gives best output not spoiling the original soul of the movie…

HIPHOP TAMILA ,music n background score is good and helps the movie alot

P S VINOD…cinematography is good…EDITING is not up to mark in second half of the movie…

Pros : Ram charan’s hard work, Surender reddy’s direction, Background score Aravind Swami’s screen presence and performance.
cons:Editing,some photography shots.
Dhruva is a different film from usual commercial potboilers that has its focus totally on its theme.Surender Reddy made subtle changes to the script without disturbing the feel of the original. It may not appeal to the hardcore mass audiences who crave for comedy and other entertaining elements. Apart from few glitches on the logical front, Dhruva is worth every penny for its strong script and thoroughly engaging screenplay.

Good attempt….worth watchable