Let Us Cultivate Compassion In Our Hearts and Make World More Beautiful

Compassion means Showing Kindness,caring and to help others unconditionally.A compassionate person can feel others pain very easily with out being said by them, he understands others pain very easily, his heart feels it.

An Enlightened person Feels pain of each things like trees, animals, humans and Earth too. His compassion is not only for his friends and Relatives.But for the whole existence.This much power had been developed when an Enlightened person becomes Compassionate .Compassionate person can also be called as Spiritual Person, We can also say, where there is Compassionate Heart, There God lives.

A compassionate person always will be Fearless and Energetic And Carries a Beautiful Aura around him. A compassionate Person will be compassionate with in himself too. Other name for Compassion in sanskrit is “KARUNA”. Gautama Buddha is the Epitome for Compassion.His Compassion is for whole Existence.

There is a story in Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra about Shakyamuni Buddha. As he was about to go out, a little bird flew into Buddha hut followed by a dreaded eagle.The little bird cried and asked the Buddha to save her from the eagle who wanted to eat her.“But how,” asked the Buddha. Before the bird could speak, the eagle said to the Buddha that if he saved her, he in turn would starve to death, “Saving one life and killing the other one is no compassion.” Hearing the bird’s plea and the eagle’s argument, the Buddha became very thoughtful. He brought out a knife and cut off his own flesh and gave it to the eagle to eat.The eagle was greedy and returned for more.The Buddha gave another piece of flesh from his body. But the eagle returned again. This time, the Buddha offered his entire body to the eagle saying:“You can eat whatever you want.”

Compassion make oneself as Fearless and he never gets Angry at anyone or anything.The purest Form of Love can be said as “COMPASSION”,it is a state where a person gives with no Expectations.At this Present time we need more Compassionate Beings To heal the Earth.In love, we are thankful because we have received something from others. But in compassion, we are thankful to others, because they were there to receive something from us.This is the great play of life where one gives and the other receives,wherein one is thankful while the other is grateful!Compassion is a form of prayerfulness. It can also express itself as meditation. It is the highest form of energy expressing itself.

Let us Hope For More and More Compassionate Beings on Earth.