Bhuma Nagi Reddy Nandyala TDP MLA Passes Away After a Massive Heart Attack

Nandyala Tdp MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy Passes Away After a Massive Heart Attack on sunday morning. He suffering with Heart attack then admitted in Allagadda hospital. After that transported to nandyala hospital. Doctors are declared buma nagi reddy (53) was dead around 12.15 PM.

Bhuma Nagi Reddy born on january 8 1964. He first elected in Allagadda assembly constituency in 1992. He worked as three times as loka Sabha member. Bhuma Nagi Reddy wife former MLA Shoba Nagi Reddy died three years ago in a road accident. He is survived by son and two daughters. While elder daughter Bhuma Akhila Priya is MLA of Allagadda, his younger daughter Bhuma Mounika was recently married. Akhila Priya was in Ahobilam when she heard about the news and she rushed to Nandyala.

Bhuma’s last rights will take place tomorrow in Allagadda where his wife was Shoba Nagi Reddy’s last rights were performed. His final rites would be performed with complete state honours.

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